MAC Apologises for Running Out of Free Lipstick Almost Immediately

Did you get yours?

While most of us celebrated National Lipstick Day in the traditional way (putting some lippie under the children’s’ pillows on NLD Eve; sharing a wax-flavoured turkey feast with the family), MAC attempted to honour the holiday by giving away free lipstick to its customers on July 29.

However, the cosmetics company has had to apologise to “those left disappointed” by the fact they seemingly ran out of free stock almost immediately.

Punters were promised a free MAC lipstick “bullet” if they swung by a MAC outlet, David Jones or select Myer stores on Saturday. Of course, the freebies were only available “whilst stock lasts”.

Fair enough.

But most of the people who lined up outside participating stores probably didn’t anticipate that stock would only last for a few minutes after doors opened.

MAC’s Instagram page has since been flooded with stories of people who were burned by the experience.

According to gingersingh, North Lakes Myer ran out “within 15mins of opening”; lhprictor says Myer Werribee ran out by 9:30am; and siemonekkelly claimed Cairns Myer “sold out in 20mins”.

emilysusannah555 shared this tale of woe: “I woke up super early 33 weeks pregnant and with a toddler at foot drove the 45 mins into the shop before it opened! To wait in line for my lipstick and was turned away seeing a girl walking away with two was the icing on the cake. Maroochydore store was poorly organised only getting 100 to hand out. I was so close and went to so much effort.”

stacy94insta tried to put things in perspective: “I am so embarrassed to be human right now. All you people who are complaining about not getting a free lipstick, you have got to be kidding me. I walked past a Mac today and there were only 3 staff members trying to control the 1000 of you. They were doing an amazing job. There are people out there dying and you are all whining about not getting your free lipstick? This is biggest joke of the 21st century.”

In a statement to, MAC apologised: “We experienced the most overwhelming response and due to popular demand, many of our locations ran out of stock early on in the day. We gave away thousands of lipsticks across the day but know some consumers have missed out and we are really sorry to those left disappointed.”

There’s always next National Lipstick Day.

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