Sad Girl Autumn Is Here: Now Hot Girl Summer Is Over, It’s Time To Mourn With This Season’s Most Sorrowful Trend

Skin-tight mini dresses have become voluminous gowns, cycling shorts have morphed into slouchy suits and vibrant neons have dulled to dark hues

Hot Girl Summer is over.

There, we said it.

With over 600,000 posts celebrating the #HotGirlSummer hashtag on Instagram – and don’t get us started on the cultural behemoth that is the hashtag on Twitter – the ‘movement’ has seen us sipping poolside cocktails, blocking our exes and generally living our best lives during the warmer months.

Inspired by rapper Megan Thee Stallion, the phenomenon was defined by the musician on Twitter in July as: ‘Being a Hot Girl is about being unapologetically YOU, having fun, being confident, living YOUR truth , being the life of the party etc’.

When it came to dressing to suit the trend, bright colours, form-fitting fabric and everything ‘extra’ fit the bill – if you’re still not getting it, think of Ashley Graham in her second trimester clad in lingerie-style PVC.

However, as is inevitable, summer turns to autumn, and Instagram feeds can only withstand so much #YachtLife.

Thankfully, the women stomping the streets of New York and London Fashion Week have revealed this season’s more sombre, but no less empowering trend: Sad Girl Autumn.

To mourn the end of Hot Girl Summer, skin-tight mini dresses have evolved into voluminous gowns, cycling shorts have morphed into slouchy suits and vibrant neons have dulled to dark hues.

Taking a slightly more practical turn, Sad Girl Autumn provides us with a chance to find comfort in oversized, pragmatic and much-needed warm clothing.

Prioritising clean shapes and luxe fabrics, the trend eschews fast fashion, meaning you’ll be able to return to wardrobe staples time and time again once Party Girl Winter and New Girl Spring rear their heads.

Many of our favourite editors, such as Billie Bhatia and street style stars like Bettina Looney and Alexis Forman, are opting for all-black ensembles this season as well as playing with proportions and fabrics (leather and pleather are a great way to add texture).

Of course, this somewhat subdued yet totally chic look needn’t exclusively see your wardrobe adopt an all-black colour scheme.

We’ve seen forest green, slate grey, wine red, navy blue and chestnut brown all being embraced by the delightfully downcast this month.

This means you won’t need to buy an entirely new raven black wardrobe, and can instead swap in pieces you already own in the goth-loving colour palette.

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